Troop 94 expects all Scouts to participate in fundraising. Sale proceeds are split between Troop funds and Scout credits. Scouts may use their credit towards annual dues, uniform purchases, activity fees, or other BSA-approved expenses.

Individual Sales

Scouts are encouraged to collect orders for popcorn, whether in person or online. Money should be collected when the order is placed, and Scouts will deliver the product when it is received. Online orders can be shipped directly to recipients.

Through the Trails End dashboard, Scouts can take advantage of email, social media, and other platforms to reach friends and family to ask for support.

High sellers receive prizes and awards from Trails End.

Show and Sell (Group Sales)

Group sales give Scouts the opportunity to support their Troop through direct sales. Scouts should plan to sign up for at least one 2-hour slot, but are encouraged to sign up for additional slots if available.

Scouts present during a 2-hour shift will receive credit from all sales during that shift.